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Matt Burton

Candidate for

State Representative

First Essex District

Salisbury | Amesbury | Newburyport

An Unwavering 





Matt knows the difference thoughtful legislation can make in the lives of working people. Too often, elected officials prioritize corporate handouts and their own self-interest over funding schools, protecting our environment, aiding our small businesses, ensuring affordable housing for owners and renters alike, and making investments in our crumbling infrastructure. 


These are issues of justice. These are issues that require an unwavering and unafraid voice. Matt has lived the concerns of real people. He knows the stakes are high. He is ready to be a committed and creative legislative force for the citizens of Salisbury, Newburyport, and Amesbury.

About Matt

Matt has deep roots in the First Essex District. He was born and raised in Salisbury to a working class family. His father, Paul, supported the family as a butcher before passing away when Matt was only 14. His mother. Sue, worked at the service desk in a grocery store before eventually losing her battle with Multiple Sclerosis when Matt was just 20 years old. 


After being forced to sell his childhood home to cover his mother's medical expenses, Matt moved to Newburyport where he worked full-time while attending North Shore Community College and Salem State University.


Eventually, Matt earned his bachelors degree and became a public school teacher. Dissatisfied with the state of governance in the Commonwealth, Matt left the teaching profession to attend Boston College Law School. He is currently earning a J.D. with the goal of serving his community. Matt now resides in Amesbury with his brother, Doug, and is looking forward to serving as your next State Representative.

We can't win this fight without you.

Matt & Team Burton appreciate your commitment to working towards smart, innovative policies for the First Essex District. 

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The Campaign Playlist

We've taken some time to curate a playlist of songs we think capture the spirit of our movement. We're excited to continue adding to it as the campaign progresses. Follow along, and remember we're always looking for new suggestions!